An Embrace

It's been a long time since I felt like writing down a dream, and a longer time than that since I had a good vampire dream. 

We were sitting on the front porch of our house. Spike, Drusilla, a random flunky, and myself. It had been 15 years since we have all teamed up and in that time survived many slayer attacks and even fixed Drusilla's insanity which turned her into an extremely powerful vampire. In fact they were the last vampires in the world after so many attempts to kill them all had happened.

I'd been living with Spike the last several years. Working together I assisted them as a friend and servant during these years of purging by the slayers. They knew my goal was to ultimately join their ranks as an immortal. This was something Spike wasn't opposed to but he already had a flunky and Dru was not interested in adding more to their ranks.

After so much loss and so much fighting Dru was scared. We sat on the front porch and brought up the subject of my embrace again and she rallied against it. Stating that the more vampires there were the more chances the slayers will find us. I explained to her how strong we were, being the last group left we could survive anything. If three could fend off a slayer, and escape to survive another day, what could four do? After some passionate arguing she finally agreed.

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New Dreams part 2 of 2

January 24, 2015
This was a very vivid and lucid dream. I did not have a chance to complete the dream due to my alarm clock go off but I KNOW how it ends. In fact this is the third time, and the third variation of this dream I have had. It's about time I named it, as the “Chinese Lawyer Loop”. The story line is usually the roughly the same but the characters and the end result tend to almost be exact. I find myself stuck in China due to some accident and I need to get home. I come across a law office usually tucked in the back of a strip mall or small office complex. In here is a quiet lawyer who doesn't seem to want to help me right away but doesn't make me leave. While I make my plea to him he does some kind of work. Different work each loop but ultimately he is packaging and sending off knock off electronics to another country. If I ask him why he tells that everyone in China does this on the side for money, but he always makes sure what he sends out is quality work as he is an honorable man. I didn't ask him why this loop because I was aware of the previous loops this time around.
Next I get introduced to his team. It consists of himself, the honorable lawyer, the plucky sidekick guy who is the secretary and always making fun of the lawyer for being so honorable, and the girl. She doesn't actually work at the office but hangs out probably because she loves the lawyer. Either way the three of them often go on adventures together to solve cases kinda like a weird Hardy Boys book or Jackie Chan movie. After this he starts getting me to explain my problem. I tell him that I am lost in China and need to get home as soon as possible. I never go to the US Embassy either because I don't think about it, or I'm not supposed to be in China? I really don't know.
Anyhow, we end up having some kind of adventure together and it fails. This part is usually grey and tunnel vision in my dreams. I try to participate but I can't. It's like trying to read a book, or take a test in a fully lucid dream. Your brain starts to fight back and the random background imagery that flows so easy in normal dreams becomes to conscious and you just can't seem to make it happen. Anyhow, we meet back at the lawyer's office to regroup. When I get there I see him taking my file out of his file cabinet and I notice it's old and was created so long ago we must have worked together in the past! It makes me realize I've been there before and that this is happening again! I start to freak out but he won't tell me anything about why the file is so old and instead of the big reveal like in a Sci-Fi movie I end up waking up. I guess that partially explains why he is so reluctant to get started with me each time.
Tonight's dream was a slight variation due to when I woke up, due to the alarm clock, and not due to the reveal. It started off with me traveling with two dads and their sons. The four of them are on vacation and due to a prophecy they are on their way to a town. The prophecy states that if they are in this town's square, on a certain date and time, all will be revealed to them. The father's are ex-spies and are being pursued by some old enemies and co-workers after everyone else finds out about the prophecy. Well everything goes pear shaped after they make it to the town. It turns out the small village was in a valley that is completely flooded so the town is underwater. This causes a string of bad luck for the fathers.
Finally, after being attacked on a country highway they have lost their car but are saved by their sons. The kids end up fighting off the other spies using farming equipment they found on the truck we were all in. The fathers have lost hope, they are already depressed about the village and now they have put their sons in danger and are afraid they have lost everything. The sons keep fighting on though and come up with a plan to get out of there. They find a farmhouse nearby that they can use to call for help. On the way there they encounter a “gray spy” who is neither friend nor enemy of the fathers but they don't really trust. He actually looks like a gray shark in my dream.... Anyhow, they give us a lift to the Farm house and offers to get them all the way home. The fathers decline as they know the gray spy and don't trust him further than they already have. So he drives us leaving us behind. This is were I part ways with the others. I don't know if they made it back but I hope they do.
I go nearby to a strip mall. Tucked away in the back is a lawyer's office and I go to him for help. Every other store is either closed, abandoned, or both so it seems like a good idea at the time. I would have been better off with the farmer I think, but oh well it's a dream. The lawyer's office is filled with boxes and machines. I can't even open the door fully and have to kinda slide inside the office. The small man in there continues his work but doesn't really talk to me after looking at him. I try to see if he will help but as he doesn't respond I just continue watching him work. He is printing off labels and putting them on boxes. I know what he is doing from previous dreams so I don't really comment on what he is doing. Once he finishes up he says he will help me and he goes to his door and puts a small mark on it. The door was covered in marks on both sides and I comment about how awesome he is for helping so many people. He kinda giggles at this when I realize he is actually using his door to mark shipping manifests!
Well it turns out I actually came in the back door of the office, so I help him carry boxes out to the lobby were the plucky sidekick and the lady are hanging out. We start putting the packages in a machine that will box them for shipping. The sidekick starts making fun of the lawyer for how careful he is with his shipments and says that he filled his quota already this week. He makes fun of the lawyer by saying, “I bet you even plugged in every head set and listened to music with them to make sure they worked.” The lawyer sheepishly nods and says he did and the rest of us laugh at him. I then ask, “Did you also put on all the Star Wars toy helmets and make sure they light up correctly?” He realizes he doesn't and starts to get stressed out. The sidekick and I find this really funny and start laughing when the lady realizes we are really upsetting the lawyer so she steps in and yells at us. We are all embarrassed then for the lawyer when the lady asks what I'm doing here.
I explain to her why I'm here and that I need to get home because I miss my cat and she gets all sad for me. The lawyer says well let's get started and goes back to his office. On my way back I stop and start flirting with the lady, telling her that with a beauty like her around I don't need to be in such a hurry. Already knowing this is my third loop through this dream I stop flirting with her because one, I'm being really creepy, and two I know she loves the lawyer. I tell her, “But don't worry love, I'm not here for you and I know you are deeply in love with the lawyer” (I just realized nobody ever has names, even when talking in the dream). This causes her some surprise but she looks back at the lawyer's office with longing.
Back in the office I sit down at a desk, now that the room is clear of boxes, and start talking to him about why I'm here. As I start telling him the story and filling out some paperwork I tell him not to worry about the file cabinet. I know I've been here before but that's OK this time around. It really catches him off guard and he acts really unsure of what to do next. I tell him don't worry let's just continue working so I can get back home to my cat. This is when my alarm clock starts going off. I actually hear it in my dream and realize that damn this dream is over.
As a side note during this whole last conversation I spend it fiddling with my pen. I always carry an ink pen in my pocket, the kind that unscrews in the middle and has a cartridge inside. Pilot G2 Gel Ink pen now that I look at it. Anyhow I often find that it becomes unscrewed in my pocket and that's what I'm dealing with in the dream. I'm trying to put it back together so I can write the forms but I'm having to find all three pieces of it, put them together in the right order, and screw it together. It's a simple mundane task but it's taken over my dream. I usually encounter this in lucid dreams. There is some kind of mundane task that requires some mental focus that enthralls me. It always takes over my dreams and can range anywhere from playing with an ink pen, to tying my shoes, finding a bathroom, or most often trying to locate a specific person or object. I'm not sure why but it really interrupts the creativity of my dreams and causes some weird stress. Oh well, good morning!
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New Dreams part 1 of 2

It's been forever since I updated my dream diary. It's kinda sad as I've had some cool ones between now and 2011 when I last posted!!!! Luckily I found a dream from October 2012 saved on my computer I'd like to start off with by posting today.

October 6, 2012
Its was like a movie where I was working with some kind of demons but they weren’t evil. They could remove your soul to make you more powerful. One of them was a cowboy that used a technique to return mine after I got injured in a urban battlefield. No guns or explosions but fighting against an unknown enemy.
Later I ended up on vacation in a resort. There the demons where training us. First he taught me how to take my soul out. By putting my right hand on the left of my sternum and pushing down and moving across my chest I could dislodge and get my fingers under my soul. It was slippery and hard to hold on to, you had to scoop and not pinch. It kept trying to go back into me. Once I got it it out it was black with dark green and gold glowing highlights, I put it into a well of eternity. Which was really the bar holding the shower curtain up! Once there I was able to operate the demon shower which was used to repair your body. It had a weird process first you waited for another soul to arrive and you had to turn right to dismiss it. This was an unexpected soul that casts doubts. Then you turned left to activate the shower. The first soul to show up to me is usually expected to be my father or brother, turned out to be my dead cat Tiger! I turned right to dismiss it and turned left and was bombarded by hot water with pressure like a paint stripper. It was awesome and turned me into a Pegasus like in My Little Pony. I also got a bunch of technology to fight with including magical swords. My sword was from Thundercats but could also shoot the blade off and turn into a fire sword.
The most memorable part was the feeling of placing my fingertips on my chest, pressing hard and feeling my soul dislodge and get scooped up into my fingers. It didn’t hurt to have it removed and it was just the sensation of picking it up that was really weird and vivid in my dream. Reminiscent of pushing on a tooth you are about to loose but located in your chest.
After landing as a Pegasus I went back to get my soul from the well of eternity. I could grab the bar and attract my soul but was having a terrible time getting it out of the well and into me again. One of the powers I got as a demon was perfect search able memory so I started to go through the movie in the first part of my dream and find the technique the one cowboy did and help get my soul back. I searched the movie based on the outfits the characters were wearing. I had to use a toilet paper roll on a podium to do this. By rotating it around I could search my memory and study the technique in detail as it was displayed in high definition on the toilet paper roll.
Soon I was at the resort and it was about time to go home. I think somehow I made it back to human form by now. Anyhow, I got a vision from my father from his soul, that was connected to the soul well, and I had to find my instructor to find out if that meant he was dead or not. I made it back to my hotel room but my wife pointed out that during training part of the floor had melted. It looked like a frozen over lake but parts of it was heating up from the training that went on underneath it. I ended up abandoning the search for my instructor so I could investigate the training grounds to see about the damage to my hotel room. Well I never did find my trainer or anything about the training grounds but I did find a plane crash.
It was a cargo plan so we took boxes and stuff to hide in the woods for later. Some of the stuff we took back to my friend's hotel, Adam. While on the way back I told them a story about the butcher shop next door. One of the people there that helped me find the plane crash could dig up info on anything and was being investigated by the government, but the other butchers where covering for him up to the point that they dressed him up like a chicken and bashed up a van that was out front to scare the government off. This van, with it's broken windshield drove past us while caring the plane's loot back.
After dropping the loot off we ended up leaving the hotel because I needed to get back to the airport to catch my plane home. We where expecting my father and step mom to show up and take me on the shuttle ride to something on the moon (it had to do with fishing and pork) but we hadn’t heard from him and I assumed he might be dead. As we where leaving the hotel we ran into them and watched the space shuttle land over the hotels. The hotels were on a strip of beach front property with a large road in front of them that it landed on. Never made it to the moon, but I woke up really confused.
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Demon Mafia

I found my self working for an underworld, or otherworldly at least, organization. A Demon Mafia if you would.They weren't all bad monsters but they definitely looked down on humans and had their own set of morals and ways of doing things. They had a good use for humans though and often recruited them into their ranks as we could easily slip between demon realms and our population is so vast on Earth that we could move about unhindered. I'm not sure who specifically I was working for but I was doing a good job and earning many places of respect among the demon mafia. I was aiming towards a more permanent position among the ranks of Vampires who, for obvious reasons, often recruit from the human populace. My job, like most humans, served as messenger boy and body guard. Although we couldn't directly attack or defend against a demon they were very adverse to artificial lighting and we could watch the entry and exits to our masters realms and serve as an early warning system that an attack was incoming.

My dream started out with me looking for my locker in the street. Our "lockers" were stored under grates in the sidewalks that if we had to access them normal people just assumed that we were repairing the street although no work was ever actually done. You know how some areas of town just never seem to get the proper care and maintenance they deserve? Don't blame local politics or money issues, it's actually demonic influence. OK so maybe that is the same thing! Well I found my locker eventually and I opened it up and deposited a minor demon in it. We had an argument about his master and unfortunately I don't remember the details of the conversation was but it was not important. His part of the organization was being taken over and he was being put in my supernatural locker for a very long time. What was important was an Asian photographer was taking pictures of me doing this. He wasn't working for any demonic party but was some how able to see the demon I was talking to and burying under the sidewalk. I let him do this because the way the magic worked the camera would only take pictures of me pouring concrete into the ground and replacing the grate in the sidewalk. He will probably end up in some insane asylum if he kept trying to claim he saw the demons...

After I took care of that minor character me and my wife ended up going to a new Italian restaurant. On our way there she took us through a rather uncomfortable area of the city were there was no artificial lighting and made me quite nervous. Luckily we quickly found the restaurant and made it inside. While there I was contacted by one of the major demons that I worked for. I was in a romantic relation ship with a dream demon who requested I come visit her for a new job. I went to the safe house that served as an entrance to her realm. It was really a completely bare, one room apartment, that was occupied by three to four prophets. Because the dream demon often spent time walking among dreams she was never quite sure on the reality of her realm and used these prophets to maintain a vigil. The current entrance to her realm was actually an Xbox 360 and used a part of the internet to get to her.

So I dived in head first to the internet and found myself in a tube. Que a series of tubes jokes now.... I couldn't breath but I could swim up and I hate being underwater so this was a little distressing for me. Well I quickly broke free into her realm were I found the dream demon sitting on the ground. She looked a lot like Liv Tyler now that I think about it. She was telling me about a ghost egg that she had been given to hatch. Ghost eggs are very rare and require a very large amount of heat to hatch and the creature to come out is a very powerful ally to have. Now the catch is you can cook the inside of the egg killing the creature inside but it still requires very very high amounts of heat to keep it alive. This makes the dream demon's realm an ideal place to hatch the egg as she can basically turn off physics to keep the egg from cooking.

As she told me about the egg, in between drifting in and out of other dreams making it hard to follow her, I noticed something was wrong with the egg. I picked it up, it was long like a raptor egg from Jurassic Park but a dark grey like granite. Parts of the shell were coming off, I thought maybe it was hatching and tried to tell my lady demon. She didn't hear me as her mind was in a few dreams trying to gather information. Suddenly I realized no creature was emerging but that the shell was falling apart and that the inside of the egg was essentially soft boiled. I finally got the lady demons attention about the death of the egg and she was quite furious. She started yelling at her profits for not noticing any changes in her realm. It turns out that physics had been fully restored and we tested it by firing a pistol into a brick wall and observing the results.

I then left the demon ladies realm and kissed her goodbye. She sent one of her servants with me back to the real world so we could investigate what had happened and find out the reason the ghost egg was killed. This was a traumatic return for me. I entered the exit tube first which was a well of water on her side. A rectangular well... think of Minecraft. Well after I entered I had to slowly sink down and use my feet to feel for the exit and my hands to push against the walls and propel myself downwards, deeper underwater and into a darker area. I couldn't stop because Jack, the dream demon's servant, was above me and coming down as well. I couldn't breathe or find the exit and started to panic in my dream.

I think this caused me to "get lost" in the internet because the rest of my dream consisted of being lost in some TV commercial. Someone had bought Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes and was using him to advertise a sexist energy drink. The basis of the commercials drink this energy drink and girls will fall in love with you and be your slaves.

I never did get back to the demon mafia storyline but it seems like a really cool world. I may have to tap it next month for NaNoWriMo.
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Racial Equality with The Incredible Hulk

Long time no chat. 51 weeks according to livejournal. meh. So i had a funny dream this morning that I want to put down. I've had a lot the past year but never anywhere or anytime to type it out.

Ok so the setting goes there is a town somewhere that has a pretty segregated population. There are large quantities of whites, middle easterners, and blacks. The whites have this strange cult they were using to recruit the younger white kids into. It was like the KKK in that they hated anyone not white but different in that they were hidden. They used a farming club as a smokescreen to hide themselves. One of the posters in the community farm area was, "Be Anti-Social, Be a Farmer!" yeah I don't get it... Well they were using the kids to kill the blacks and the middle easterners. They were doing so well at hiding it was them that Fox Mulder from the X-Files showed up to investigate.

Well back to how I fit in, and no more Fox Mulder. I was driving a motorcycle/scooter/bicycle thingy down the road when there was a traffic accident up a head. The white cult had sabotaged the tractor of the semi-truck the leader of the black community drove, played by Ving Rhames. It was supposed to cause a horrible accident and kill him and several easterners in the area it was in. All that did happen was Ving lost his right hand and I got my foot sliced open. I couldn't avoid the shredded tire from the tractor and it got caught up underneath my flip flop, why I was wearing those on a motorcycle I have no idea, and it melted my flip flop and cut my foot open enough so that blood was just pouring out of my foot. The police and medics where called but none ever showed up. I survived with a bad scar and Ving ended up with a modified spatula as a hand. I guess the emergency crews were in the cult?

Well this introduced me to the two community leaders, Ving and I have no idea who played the Arab's part lol! One day the middle easterners and myself were trying to protect ourselves and ended up in a gun fight with the white kids. We got overrun and had to retreat to a safe house. Once there I called Ving and some of his friends over for extra protection. Ving was very excited cause there were a lot of pool tables there, he loves to play pool. The blacks and middle easterners were still not on the best terms so this was my way of helping bring them together.

At the end of the night me and Ving were the last ones to leave the safe house just before dawn. We where driving away in his pickup truck(big black heavy duty like I'd like to have) and we were suddenly attacked by THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Yeah no idea why..... SO Ving and I ran and hid on top of some chicken coop after giving the Hulk the slip. Soon the farmer came out with a shotgun and pointed it at us. A man of few words, well he never talked, but luckily we were spared explaining why were on his chicken coop when Bruce Banner showed up. How the hell he changed back AND found clothes so fast I'm not sure. We all went inside to have some tea while Bruce and the doctor girl he hangs with told the farmer all about the Hulk. The girl, played by Liv Tyler in the movie, is some random girl in my dream who was not affected by the forces of gravity in my dream and likes to float on the ceiling. Yeah so anyways this was about the time I woke up. Wife was yelling at the cats!

Well till later.
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Short but Funny

This dream consisted of my wife, my step-Mom, my Dad, 2 of my Dad's friends, and myself. We were in some neighborhood in suburbia and were having a secret meeting with the Pope and The Vatican. I don't remember how it all played out but ultimately we ended up stealing the Ark of the Covenants from the Pope and running away. Later, before I made it back to the restaurant where they where having yummy salmon on sale for buy 1 get 2 free, back at the house my Step-Mom started laughing out at the Ark while investigating it. I asked her why and she told me to look at the sides of it and the paintings on it. They were in her style! She is a real life artist who sells a good amount of work. She was laughing because what the Vatican thought was the real Ark was actually a fake she made back in the '70s just for fun.

Last Night

December 1, 06

This dream started off when by me breaking into a nuclear facility. I worked my way through a few hallways and ended up at a door with a security guard. He was under the impression that I was allowed to work there because i showed up regularly to do experiments. I was soon past him and in to the work area where there was live cores of radioactive material, and a nuclear reactor. Once inside I was making my way to a work station when someone, my wife who actually worked there, came up to the guard and started explaining to him the situation about how I was not actually supposed to be there but I tended to break in and do actually experiments. She convinced him to let her go alone to talk to me. By this time I was using a forged key to release these large cylinders. In the movie, “The Core,” they had to take the container of Plutonium from the reactor and set it next to the bomb to “increase” the yield? Well the container looked like that except the sides where clear and the inside was this green glowing sludge, a la Doom. My wife and I then started doing an experiment on the containers using this vacuum like system. She told me about how they knew I wasn't allowed to be there. I said I know but I am actually helping my doing experiments that they need done and that just because I have the experience to work here but not a piece of paper (a college degree) they won't officially allow me. So we started to complete the experiment when the guard got suspicious and called for backup.

Switch views

Now I am a rogue from World Of Warcraft and my wife is a higher level hunter. The room kind of changes into the zone Azshara and we begin hunting Blood Elves that I need for a quest. She is letting her pet tank and I am helping her kill them. Soon the guards from the nuclear plant show up, but they are now a bunch of wolves lead by a Murloc. The wolf pet takes all the aggro and I start taking them out one by one. Suddenly I notice my wife is no longer shooting arrows and the wolf is about to die. She disconnects before we finish off the last 2 wolves. I start to run to the zone edge to lose aggro on the wolves. I hide behind a hill and on the other side of the hill is a large wall with graffiti on it and a large house window. The dogs lose interest in me and run away while I'm here looking at this wall. Here things start changing. The wall goes off to the left by about 10 feet then stops, but to the right for as long as I can see. There is about 2 feet of space between the wall and the hills of Azshara and I'm standing in between them. To the right of the window is a lot of graffiti that I don't really see but to the left is a pirate's face that has been covered by a blanket. I some how think I drew the pirates face because I can recognize that it started off being a heart that was horribly done but then turned into a pirate's face. Out the window it is bright and sunny and you can see the sea a thousand feet below. To the right the land stops and drops about 1000 feet to rolling hills and a river leading to the sea. The land is kinda turning brown like its late summer early fall, but the air is crisp and fresh.

Switch Views

I become myself again, but I'm dream self. I jump off the ledge and begin flying down towards the landscape were I find a car. I start driving this car but before I know it it has broken down and I'm stranded near a town. The town is small, its consisted of a large barn in the middle with a few houses around and some fenced in farm or grazing land. I shortly visit one of the pieces of land where there is a kid and his parents, the kid seems pretty nice and acts as if he knows what is going on around there but the parents pretend they don't. The kid claims to be the only one able to go into the woods around the place because they are evil things in there including the trees. He even shows me a ring be believes is magic that allows him to venture into the woods. The parents think he has a wonderful imagination and I don't believe him either. So I go to the large barn to find help. I walk in the side and its a long low ceiling hallway from one end to the other with side rooms evenly spaced off on each side. I go left first and there isn't much there except for a bed room. The bedroom is dark and gray. There is no furniture but a dingy bed in the center. A wall on the far end has a door in the center and walking through it shows a closet the full length of the room with two windows on the outside wall. Dusty and empty. As I leave the closet I can hear some noises in the the bedroom like a young girl talking about how her father sexually molests her. I can really only hear what she is trying to say but not what she is actually saying. I think the words are coming from the walls. It starts to creep me out so I go into the room across they way. This room is identical to the first bedroom except there is a boy in the floor here. I can “hover” over him with my mouse(I'm not actually still playing a game, I'm physically there, but I'm able to use a mouse with tool tips to garner information about my surroundings. Almost like a psychic HUD). When I look at him I can read about his history of being sexually molested by his cousins. I begin to feel sad all these children around here being abused. As I walk into the closet a sound begins to get louder. When I enter the closet there is another young boy masturbating rapidly and several other young boys sitting around cowering. All of them have histories of being abused by someone or another. The boy masturbating shows history of abuse by his doctor and as soon as he finishes The Doctor appears, he is actually a ghost that was possessing the boy. As The Doctor flew past me he invited me into the center room of the barn. Feeling sad for the boys I followed the doctor trying to figure out what is going on here.

I go to the center room which is off to the left of the hallway but is much longer than half the barn. The room is also as high as the barn unlike the hallway and the two bedrooms. There is some farm equipment around the walls and some bales of hay stacked up in the corners, but the interesting part is the pile of meat hanging in front of me from the ceiling. Cow, pig, horse, duck, turkey, you name it it was tied up like hanging tobacco by its feet in one large clump. Above it was a cat walk where the owner of the barn (The father perhaps? The doctor seems to of disappeared) was standing and operating a large blade that was cutting the meat diagonally from above the doorway down towards me all the way to the ground. He told me to watch out for the blade. I ducked and it went all the way through the meat but didn't really cut it down. It just kind of made a dark spot where the blade went through and pushed the dirt on the floor up when it went into the ground. The blade then made its way back up to keep cutting the meat. The owner said something about how he had to keep cutting the meat for his family. He also had me push another pile of carcasses in front of the blade. This pile was nothing but bats. The blade made its way through them and then the meat again with nothing falling down. I even pulled on the meat trying to see if some would come off, but to no luck. I don't remember what really happened next much. The owner had a conversation with me that basically came down to “You know to much, boy, and now you have to die.” He said he didn't know if he could hold the bats back any longer either like it wasn't his choice to let me die. I looked up at the bats and they had all woken up and were eying me for a fast meal. I ran back into the hallway and down to the end where a window was. I jumped out the window and started to fly away from the town. I could still hear the owners voice in my head telling me I didn't want to do that its 20 miles to the next town to far to fly. I was already about 4,000 feet above the ground so I knew it would take me but a few minutes to get somewhere else so I didn't listen to his words, but like all evil towns the town wouldn't let me go. A strong wind started up began blowing me in circles and I couldn't get out of town no matter how hard I flew. So I decided to give up and landed on the property of the young boy I met earlier.

I told the boy I was going to have to escape through the woods to get away from here. He told me it was dangerous because it was getting close to night fall. It was suddenly dusk. So he gave me his ring to wear so I could see the dangers in the woods. I put the ring on and headed into the trees and by now it was well past sunset. The ring's power started working and it was like the moon had turned into a giant black light and the trees started glowing different colors. I found out I could ask the trees to please let me pass and they would nicely step aside since I could see them. On my way in I even passed a young girl on her way out of the woods. I waved and we just walked passed each other. I then exited the woods and thought about the give the first tree I met gave me. It was a couple of easter chocolates that I should give away as gifts. I thought about asking the trees to hand the chocolates back into the woods to my friends I had made in there. Evidently I had a few trials to pass to get through the woods. The first was a Frog in a pond with a boat, the second was two forest imps who stole my ring and the third was there but never explored. I decided I would do it on the way back to the town when I went to go get my car.

Now on this side of the woods I entered a large building. It was a dance club. I was mainly full of black people and rap music. I ended up with a nice couple who I danced with for most of the night. There was a cute young girl there that the crowd had moved to put us next to each other since we where the only white people there. We started holding hands and dancing next to each other. Well then things started to get odd. They started to test us. See I was there with a husband and wife friend and so was the girl. So this group dance started where everyone had to hold hands. The crowd then started to shift so my friends where on one side and the girls friends were on the other pulling us apart. The girl wanted to stay with me and so did I with her but I knew of we left our “Friend team” they would attack us and throw us out.

So I let go of the girl's hand and told her I would find her later. Well this caused me to “win.” Next thing I know I'm the star of the play, “Gilbert and Sullivan.” After the play there was much rejoicing and I was to go back through the woods to find my wood friends and then be able to go back home. I got to the three trials and friends I had in the woods and gave them there chocolates and there was much rejoicing. The one odd thing was when I went to the Frog with the boat, my eyes became horribly engorged and where popping out of my skull. Nothing was wrong with them it was just the magic of his place made my eyes really really large. Looked like something out of a kids show from France.

After the frog I'm not sure much of what happened because I woke up before I made it back to the “evil” town where my car was.
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Last night's dream was all about dragons and vampires. Kind of a new twist for my imagination but it was a lot of fun.

I was born on a dark and stormy night. It wasn't raining but lightning bounced off the mountain chain where my mother's nest was. She was a large black dragon. Perched on top of the tallest mountain in the area she gleefully watched over her brood as it began to hatch. I was the first one to come out of my shell and the only disappointment out of the clutch. When I came out of my egg I came out in human form instead of dragon form. This was considered backwards for a dragon child. So my mother sent me to the dark creature’s adoption agency instead of leaving me to die as a child like most dragon mothers would.

The agency immediately put me with my father, a very powerful vampire, who had not much to do with me. He envied that I would one day be more powerful than him for not only did I have vampire abilities but also dragon abilities and most of all I could go out into the sunlight. He raised me for a while and taught me how to fight and fend for myself before sending me back to the dark creature’s adoption agency.

Run out of family members to shack me up with they found me a home with a new type of creature that where similar to me. They where Wyrrms; Dragon folk that spent most of their time in human form in order to infiltrate and feed off of them easily. They did this because they lived in large family units of 5-20 and that many dragons together brings to much unwanted attention. Well when I got there the brood mother decided I could only stay if I complete the "rite of passage". Basically I had to go out and kill a human and then the whole family would share my kill.

They took me to a house at night. Oddly enough it was the second house I ever lived in, in real life. Oddly enough out back was a horse stable and in there my two new siblings where discovered hiding. The mail jumped up on top of a horse to run off and get help but I jumped into the air and pulled out my hunting knife. The knife was about 4-5 inches long but 3 inches wide with a serrated blade and very sturdy. It would cut flesh like butter. In the air I demonstrated to my siblings the vampire power my father taught me in killing the man. Think Nightcrawler mixed with Wolverine; I was popping around from side to side of the man and slicing him to pieces. Well since we couldn't share that kill I went to the other side of the house and found another man out in the driveway. I was able to convince him I was harmless just before slitting his throat. My new brood family came out of their hiding places and feasted on the corpse.

Unfortunately my new sister's hiding place was not very good and when she came out of it she fell and some wood punctured both of her legs in the thighs. The Wyrrm weren’t much on helping their injured so she left the girl, Tenweigh, there. My new brother, Sacrolith, who at the time was falling in love with Tenweigh, became sad and angry at the fact we had to leave her there. So I went over to her and told her if I help her she must vote to keep me in the brood. Yeah I know I said I had to kill to get in the brood but they also liked democracy. She agreed to it and I carried her home. Luckily the house had special magical properties and once inside Tenweigh was able to heal herself in seconds.

Now part of my new family Sacro Ten and myself decided to go to a concert. We took the family buss and took some "friends" along. I thought they were actual friends but it turns out they were just people from our town needing a ride to the concert who where actually our food for the trip. Ok cool whateva.

Once we got to the concert we had actually picked up a bunch more people, although we really only needed 2 to feed. This is when things got strange. Suddenly cars started ramming us and forcing us off the road. They started following us down this embankment. It was all very Destruction Derby. At the bottom of the hill we crashed into the stadium and all of us got out of the bus. We were in some kind of large basement room, like a carpeted basketball court. Well all of a sudden our attackers started coming down the stairs so Sacro, Ten, and myself stood in front of our "friends/food" and decided to fight them off. I said to Tenweigh how this might not go well and she asked why because she knew I was a really good fighter. I told her I am at night because I can use dark matter, aka the absence of light, to power my abilities but its day time right now. Well we got into a rough fight. Now why none of us turned into dragons I am not sure cause I KNOW we could of taken care of people in dragon form, maybe cause we where protecting our food and not wanting to scare it off?

Either way things got weirder. Sacrolith killed one of our attackers but it got back up. Zombies nice! So I beheaded mine, but when it died I noticed a bit of magic leaving its mouth and nose. That is when I realized it wasn't really zombies but some kind of possession. I told Sacro and Ten to stop fighting we need to ban together with our "friends" and sing happy songs to drive the spirits away. So we all joined arms like in the game Red Rover, and started singing the first happy song I could think of in a panic.... the theme song to The Brady Bunch. Oh Em Gee... Well this drove the spirits away, and maybe my sanity, but now a football team and crowd came down to play a game in this room. So somehow we escaped with our 2 original Friendfoods.

We drove back to the brood’s house and they started complaining about being hungry. We told the humans that they would get something to eat inside the house. So we took them upstairs, secretly so no one would know we had them. Tenweigh immediately started releasing pheromones into the air that calmed and attracted the two human men we had. She got them on the bed and started making out with them. While she had one distracted I went in for the silent kill on the other. I ripped out his throat and drained him of all his blood. It was dream cool I could feel his skin in my mouth and his warm blood rushing into me and filling me with warmth. I then started chewing on his flesh. It was like undercooked squid =( So I gave him to Sacrolith. Being Half Vampire I could survive on just their blood. Well while they devoured their meals I decided to take care of their third friend. Where did he come from you say? Well I'm not sure because he was really a sentient heating pad. It had eyes, a heart, blood, and was able to heat or cool a water supply to cool food or keep people warm in the winter. I cut him open with scissor and poured all his liquids down the sink. I took its heart out and give it to Sacrolith so I could eat the eyes of the heat pack and of his human meal. I guess the eyes where my thing.

Well this was the end of the day and the end of my dream, and unfortunate too because I was really enjoying it and wanted to keep going.... but alas I usually wake up when a dream starts to get really good.
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